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Amethyst's acclivity from writer to president was a long journey. A model, journalist, and singer. She began writing, singing, and dancing at a early age. She entered poetry contests and won 1st place a number of times. She also, began writing short stories as well as songs. Grammar school involvement included; the drama club in which she was cast as an Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz. She went on to a role as one of the ballroom dancers for Cinderella. She went on to jazz, ballet, and tap classes where she performed at school shows. Amethyst didn't stop there; she was selected by Chez de Alexander a prominent fashion designer. She modeled his show stopper dress the Phantom of the Opera. To add to her accomplishments, she showcased as a model for the Ebony and Ivory, Sports Wear and the Wedding fashion show extravaganza event in 2004. Throughout, grammar school she excelled in her studies which landed her a place in the magnet class for gifted students. To inhance her future endeavors, Amethyst took a course W.E.C.E.P (Work Experience Career Exploration Program to prepare her for starting her own business. By the end of 2004, when she entered high school, Amethyst knew she wanted to precede with her leadership abilities. She organized a dance group in which she was the president and founder. She was also, responsible for naming the the group "Raw Deal" and arranging for practice, sponsors, and uniforms that she designed. Also, she worked diligently to put together a fund raisers to earn money for her dance club. In the beginnig of her sophmore year, she was involved in the schools leadership program. By doing this, she assisted new students by helping them with questions about the school and any concerns. Her dedication to help out and lead by example, she worked in the office of the school. Independently, she carried out numerous tasks including filing, typing, answering the phones, mail handling, faxes, and working directly with the Principal.  Following this she was involved in The Miss American Coed and National American Miss pagents. To add to her academic accomplishments, she received numerous awards, science club, principal list, Heroes in the Hood Student Volunteer in which she took second place and many others just to name a few. One of her biggest achievements was when she was enducted into the National Honor Roll in which a biography was printed in her name outlining her accomplishments and is a clear indictation of her many talents. This institution recognizes outstanding students and gives homage to them through writing about them so they will be recognized on a national basis. In order to pursue her dream of writing, she took a Journalism course. While in high school, she interviewed Cei-Ice Records recording artist Jay- O Johnnie, Kaci Michelle the Chicago Idol, Dream Team Stars, and dancer Chozen. Amethyst graduated high school as a member of the National Honor Society and the Key Club. Meanwhile, she became a Notary Public.

Amethyst ascended from highschool, to working as a writer for a local newspaper. She had opportunity to interview: Shirley Murdock, Gemini, Johnny Gill and Tank at the stage play All For Love in 2008. From there, Amethyst became the Founder and CEO of Real Talk. In 2010, at Remix The Runway she had the opportunity to interview: Jeremih, El Debarge, Jennifer Williams from the Basket Ball Wives, Lil Rel, Traci Chanel- hair sylist, Jim Jones, Nate Gilbert, Lee, Marissa- jewelry designer, DJ Vince Adams, and Model Douglas "T.G" Howard. In 2011, she has interviewed Joshua Welton, Monique Moy, Teedra Moses, Miguel, Avrey Smith, Britni Elise, Vonjovie, Vain, Shaliek Rivers, Rashad Morgan, Mello Tha Guddamann, Tyrese Gibson, & T.O.N.E-z


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